Care and Planting Instructions

Actaea pachypoda Z 3-7a
Doll’s Eyes
Actaea (Cimicifuga) racemosa  Z 3-7
Fairy Candles
Adiantum pedatum Z 3-8
Maidenhair Fern
Arisaema triphyllum Z 4-8
Aruncus dioicus   Z 3-7
Goat’s Beard
Camassia scilloides Z 4-8
Wild Camass
Caulophyllum thalictroides Z 4-7
Blue Cohosh
Claytonia virginica Z 4-7
Spring Beauty
Cypripedium acaule Z 3-7
Pink Lady Slipper Orchid
Delphinium tricorne Z 4-7
Woodland Larkspur
Dicentra canadensis Z 4-7
Squirrel Corn
Dicentra cucularia Z 3-7
Dutchman’s Breeches
Disporum maculatum Z 4-7
Spotted Fairy Bells
Dodecatheon meadia Z 4-8
Shooting Stars
Erythronium albidum Z 4-8
White Fawn Lily
Erythronium americanum Z 3-8
Yellow Fawn Lily
Geranium maculatum Z 3-8
Wild Geranium
Hepatica americana Z 3-7
Liverleaf  *
Hexastylis (Asarum) arifolium Z 4-8
Arrowhead Ginger
Hydrastis canadense Z 4-8
Hypoxis hirsuta Z 4-8
Yellow Star Grass
Jeffersonia diphylla Z 4-7
Lilium martagon  Z 3-7
Martagon Lily
Lilium superbum Z 4-8
Turk’s Cap Lily
Liriope spicata Z 4-9
Lobelia cardinalis  Z 2-9
Cardinal Flower  *
Maianthemum racemosum Z 3-7
False Solomon Seal
Mertensia virginica Z 3-8
Virginia Blue Bells
Pachysandra procumbens Z 4b-9
Allegheny Spurge
Podophyllum peltatum Z 3-7
May Apple
Polygonatum commutatum  Z 3-7
Giant Solomon’s Seal
Polypodium virginianum Z 3-8
Rock Polypody Fern  *
Sanguinaria canadense  Z 3-8
Stylophorum diphyllum Z 4-8
NATIVE Woodland Poppy
Thalictrum (Anemonella) thalictroides Z 4-9
Rue Anemone
Thalictrum (Anemonella) thalictroides Z 4-9
Rue Anemone
Tiarella cordifolia  Z 3-8
Foamflower *
Trillium cuneatum Z 4-7
Whippoorwill Trillium
Trillium erectum Z 3-7
Maroon Trillium
Trillium erectum f. beige Z 3-7
Beige Trillium
Trillium erectum f. red Z 3-7
Red/Purple Trillium
Trillium flexipes Z 4-8
Bent Trillium
Trillium grandiflorum Z 3-7
Giant White Trillium
Trillium luteum Z 4-8
Sweet Yellow Trillium
Trillium recurvatum Z 4-8
Prairie Trillium
Trillium sessile Z 4-7
Toadshade Trillium
Uvularia grandiflora Z 3-9 
Giant Bellwort

Z = USDA Hardiness Zones as noted in Herbaceous Perennials Plants 3rd Edition by Allan m. Armitage
and personal experiences of Steve Lesch.

Roots must be kept moist. Do not allow them to dry out. Don’t keep them wet either as they will rot.

Plant outdoors, as soon as the ground thaws. The sooner you plant them, the better.
All of them should be planted in the landscape about April 1st.

SOILS & MOISTURE                                            -------------------
Moist woodland soils:    Actaea, Adiantum, Arisaema, Aruncus, Caulophyllum, Claytonia, Cypripedium, Delphinium, Dicentra,      Disporum, Erythronium, Geranium, Hepatica, Hexastylis, Hydrastis, Jeffersonia, Lilium martagon, Lilium hansonii, Liriope,      Maianthemum, Mertensia, Pachysandra, Podophyllum, Polygonatum, Polypodium, Sanguinaria, Stylophorum, Thalictrum,      Tiarella, Trillium & Uvularia.
Humusy moist soils all season:   Lobelia & Lilium superbum
Loamy sandy soils:    Camassia, Dodecath­eon & Hypoxis

LIGHT                                                               -------------------
Native to our deciduous shady forest locations, avoid hot summer sun:    Actaea, Adiantum, Arisaema, Aruncus,      Caulophyllum, Claytonia, Cypripedium, Delphinium, Dicentra, Disporum, Erythronium, Geranium, Hepatica, Hexastylis,   Hydrastis, Jeffersonia, Maianthemum, Mertensia, Pachysandra, Podophyllum, Polygonatum, Polypodium, Sanguinaria,         Stylophorum,     Thalictrum, Tiarella, Trillium & Uvularia.
Light shade:   Dodecatheon & Lilium superbum
Light to medium shade:   Lilium martagon, Lilium hansonii, & Liriope
Full sun to very light shade:   Camassia, Hypoxis & Lobelia.

PLANTING                                                         -------------------
When planting, water deeply & lightly cover with ½-1” compost. For best success, ensure even moisture during spring growth.
Crowns 1-2”deep with the sticks – leaves vertical:  Actaea, Adiantum, Aruncus, Caulophyllum, Delphinium, Dodecatheon,      Hepatica, Hydrastis, Jeffersonia, Liriope, Lobelia & Tiarella.
~3”deep:Dicentra & Thalictrum
Horizontally, growing tips vertical ~3” deep:  Geranium, Hexastylis, Maianthemum, Mertensia, Pachysandra, Podophyllum,
    Polygonatum, Sanguinaria, Stylophorum & Trillium.
6-8” deep, on their ‘sides’ with growth tips outward: Lilium
4-6” deep with the growth tips/points facing upward:   Arisaema, Camassia, Claytonia, Erythronium, Hypoxis & Uvularia

* Cypripedium, Disporum, Hepatica, Lobelia & Tiarellashould be planted into 4 to 6” shallow plastic pots. Those with evergreen leaves -- just above the soil & their roots firmly planted in a moist humusy sandy loam potting soil. Polypodium is planted on porous rock secured with a hefty about of sphagnum. Hepatica & Tiarella will probably bloom before being planted in your landscape.

Additional Care Information
Bulb Care & Installation
Perennial Care & Installation

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