Spring 2024
Volume 38 #1
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Plants for Southern Wisconsin Gardens
Landscape Designs, Inc.’s Plant Availability is online.
On SALE now through June1, 2024
$29.49 per
with 5 or more per yd³ delivered to one address.
Special per delivery fee of only $48.00
Special delivery areas include: Madison, Cottage Grove, Dane, De Forest, Fitchburg, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Westport & Windsor areas.  Please call for delivery specials to other communities.
Save $17.00 off our Regular $65.00 delivery fee!
If TWO delivery addresses are within a few block of each other, a shipment may be divided into two units. ONE of the trucks has a divider with one compartment holding up to 5 yd³ and the other compartment holding up to 7 yd³ for a total of 12 yd³.
Minimum delivery in the divided truck is 7 yd³.  So, any combination  1+6, 1+7, 2+5, 2+6, 2+7, 3+4, 3+5, 3+6, 3+7, 4+4, 4+5, 4+6, 4+7, 5+6 and 5+7 yd³.  may be delivered on this special truck. For split order less than a total of 7 yd³ a $65.00 delivery fee would be incurred. Please note: on divided deliveries, invoicing would be to only one of the delivered addresses. The person ordering the mulch is responsible for payment.

Nine or more yd³ delivered to one address is $28.99 per yd³ plus delivery. (subject to change)
--- Other trucks can haul up to 20 yd³. of mulch.

For delivery and/or installation, email ldi@landscapedesigns.bz or call 608-233-4215 

After June 1st our Twice shredded aged oak bark mulch is $31.99 per yd³.

Combinations with our Oak Bark Mulch may also include: 
Pulverized Top Soil $41.99/ton Blended Garden Soils*
Gravels* (over 30 types & sizes) Sand, torpedo, beach, $31.00/ton (~3200 lb./yd³)
Northern White Cedar Mulch $58.99/yd³ Hardwood Chips $36.60/yd³
Playground Wood Chips $42.00/yd³ Red Cedar $96.99/yd³
*Call for pricing as they vary with type.
Weight restrictions may influence amounts of soils and gravels that may be ordered with mulches.

We also have the following bags of mulch available at our nursery for pickup:
• Medium conifer bark chips 2 ft³
• Shredded Western Red Cedar mulch 3 ft.³ bags
• Shredded Mississippi Valley Cypress mulch 3 ft.³ bags
• Mushroom Compost Blend soil conditioner 1 ft.³ bags
• Pine Fines by Happy Gardener 1 ft.³ bag
• Grand Mound Organics Premium Soil Remodeler 1 cubic ft. bag
(Utilizes worm castings, the end result of worm digestion, to power user friendly gardens.)
• Top soil 40# bag
(This is actual top soil with minimal organic matter. Ideal for mixing with organics for
gardening and potting, or for filling depressions in lawns, to seed or in bed areas.)

While delivery is available, bag mulches cannot be added to dump truck loads of mulch and other bulk materials. Bagged mediums may be delivered with plant materials.

Click for more information on mulches - Landscape Mulches or Gravel Mulches

PLGF - our time and temperature release fertilizer

Early Spring is a great time to feed your gardens with our PLGF custom formulated, granular, time & temperature release fertilizer.
One Early Spring application feeds the lawn and garden for the entire season.
ONLY $68.95 per 50-pound bag (one bag feeds about 2,500 –5,000 ft.2)
We also offer ZERO-P PLGF for your lawn.
If desired, installation is available through Landscape Designs, Inc.
To order, call: 608-233-4215 - email LDi@landscapedesigns.bz

We continue to offer the pre-emergent Pendulum® Pre-M® herbicide
to prevent weed seedling development in lawns and ornamental gardens.

When properly applied, Pre-M may reduce your weeding by 60 to 80%. Please remember, a pre-emergent controls only germinating weed seeds. For further information on controlled weeds etc., see our website. Please CLICK here for more information
Call 608-233-4215 to order or schedule your garden fertilization or Pre-M® treatment.


Thigmomorphogenesis results when plants are damaged repeatedly by wind, water or even deer, or mechanically supported for longer than they should be supported. The plant becomes dependent upon the support and doesn't develop strength on its own. Trees should not be staked unless conditions warrant staking.
If trees are staked and the supports are kept in place for longer than one season, they become dependent upon the staking mechanisms for strength. This dependency may result in weakened trunk strength, unusual root growth and potentially other abnormal growth.
It is advised to remove the staking, typically after one season to avoid thigmomorphogenesis.
For further information visit University of Minnesota Extension website at:
and https://academic.oup.com/jxb/article/60/1/43/572567

Check out our newest additions to Articles of interest and our
Plants for Southern Wisconsin Gardens

THANKS! We hope to see you in 2024


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