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Prices, quantities and availability are current August 7, 2023, and subject to change.
Diane's Gold
Brunnera macrophylla ‘Diane’s Gold’
We produce some of the listed plants and some of these may not be ready for sale as of the availability date.
Many other plants are also available on a custom order basis or as production becomes available.  Availability changes daily. Prices and availability are valid when posted and are subject to change without notification.  With regret, we are not able to update the availability as often as we would like. 

All pricing is FOB our McFarland, WI Nursery. Click on directions below. All prices are plus 5% Wisconsin sales tax and 0.5% Dane County Sales Tax.

Delivery, in Dane County, Wisconsin, is available for an additional fee.
Sorry, no UPS, USPS, FedEx or similar shipping is available.

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Notations we use in our plant listings:

Scientific name
Genus -- the first name of a plant in standard nomenclature. It's always capitalized.
epithet – the second name of a plant in standard nomenclature. It is never capitalized.
Species – the combination of the first and second names of a plant
Cultivar – a CUL-tivated VAR-iant of a plant being raised true to certain notable attributes. 
spp. -- a subspecies with a notable form, color, texture, etc., that is native to a particular geographic region.
Native – a plant native to North America. We don't distinguish plants by political boundaries.
Nativar – a selection of a naturally occurring variant of a native plant maintained by cuttings, seeds, divisions or other means.
Hybrid nativar – a hybrid between 2 or more native plants.
Hybrid – a natural or artificial crossing of two closely related plants 4", etc. – the diameter of the container.
#1, #2, #3, etc. – the size/volume of the container. For example: #1 is about 6" in diameter, a #10 is about 12" in diameter.
Caliper – The diameter of the trunk, in inches at 6" above grade/soil level.
B&B -- Balled & Burlapped. A plant that is dug at the growing nursery, and wrapped with burlap and sometimes with a wire cage to hold its roots in place for during transport and sale.
Grafted – the plant is horticulturally implanted onto another plant for increased vigor, longevity, size control, etc.
Tree form -- a woody ornamental plant pruned into a shape to resemble a tree.
Staked – a plant tied to a stake or trellis to aid in production, transportation, or to increase its aesthetic appeal.
Top graft or Standard – a desirable form of a plant grafted onto a taller section of trunk of another plant to raise the desirable plant above ground level to increase its aesthetic appeal.
Availability: - 3-22, for example, indicates the plants should be ready sometime in March 2022
7-22, another example, indicates the plants would be available sometime in July 2022.

We bring in numerous plants as bare root or small cuttings that we pot-up into containers and grow.
We don't sell these until the roots are properly developed to withstand the vagaries of planting in your landscape.
If desired, plants may be pre-ordered by a customer and flagged at the nursery with your name so you receive the one you selected once they are ready or sufficiently mature to plant in your landscape.

Plant Notations
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All prices and availability subject to change without notification.

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