Sealing Your Concrete Bricks & Pavers


            Sealing your brick walk, driveway and patio enhances its durability, reduces color fading, and increases resistance to staining & ice damage. Landscape Designs, Inc. offers a number of sealing options from pre-cleaning the surfaces to actual application of the sealants. Call today 233-4215 to have your surfaces sealed with Techni-Seal® Protection.

Techni-Seal® Protective Sealant is used on surfaces that have not previously been sealed. It not only enhances the color of pavers, but also protects against oil and dirt, resists calcium deposits, and makes the surface easier to clean without making them slippery.

Techni-Seal®Protective Sealant II is used on surfaces that have been previously sealed.

Techni-Seal® Efflorescense Cleaner   is essential prior to the application of sealers. This product dislodges ground-in dirt & brightens natural colors. This cleaner primes the surface, ensuring quality cleaning without the use of damaging muriatic acids.

Techni-Seal® Dirt & Grease Cleaner is used before or after the application of a sealant to dissolve and dislodge any grease on the surface.

Techni-Seal® Paint, Tar & Rubber Remover effectively dissolves paint stains, tar or bitumen, rubber and chewing gum. 

Techni-Seal® Rust Remover may be used before or after applying a sealant without discoloring. This product doesn't contain muriatic   acid.  

Techni-Seal® protects pavers from stain penetration. Sealers are also used for aesthetic reasons as they generally protect, highlight and deepen the colors, and may even help keep the joint sand in place.

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originally published 2004 V18 #1

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